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Probate Plus

A company that assists friends, family, and associates in liquidating their various forms of transportation like exotic or collector’s vehicles, cars, fleet, motorcycles, boats or aircraft.  We will come to you to inspect and appraise your vehicle.  When you decide to proceed with our service we will pick it up, market, and sale it nationally or internationally acquiring the most money possible for you.  Whether or not your vehicle is in running condition we will purchase or sell it for top market value.

As a professional company full of integrity and excellence you can have peace of mind knowing that we will-

  • Handle your transaction professionally,  fairly and in a timely manner
  • Treat your car with the utmost care and protection (Bonded and insured)
  • Provide client driven contracts
  • Maintain open communication from start to finish, listening and being responsive to your goals.

We welcome partnerships with lawyers, assist with conservatorships and family inheritance to liquidate transportation assets. Probate Plus representatives will work with you and yours with a spirit of excellence! Contact to Join Probate Program

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