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Savings – Cash buyouts of existing business vehicle inventories.  Consolidation and reorganization of business vehicle leases.  Superior lease financing through national and regional sources.  Allow personnel to focus on the companies core business.  Annual payment plans.
Flexibility –  Leaseback terms will be tailored to facilitate: Vehicle replacement schedules, Planned business growth, Regional and national expansions, Short-term business vehicle leasing will be utilized, Auto Brokers Denver will fill vehicle needs until permanent new fleets are delivered.

Auto Brokers Denver we cover surges in contract or business demands.  

This is an economical alternative to long-term rentals.

For your small to large Company

We can pass substantial dollar savings to you through our fleet buying power for any vehicles.  We recognize the pre-packaged lease structures offered by dealers do not meet the needs of commercial accounts.  We offer commercial finance leases with the mileage that works for your needs.  Also, all aftermarket items such as bed liners, ladders, lift gates, bins, even print logo work can be included in the lease as well as taxes and registration fees.  Terms range from 6 to 72 months and buyouts can be set as low as $1.00.

Get your employees mobile quickly at competitive prices.  We provide flexible leases and value added services for those customers who are looking for a lease firm to go the extra mile.  Auto Brokers Denver are ready to provide customer lease financing and fleet management solutions.  We will work hand in hand with your company to come up with the best plan to satisfy your needs.  We get to know every customer and work harder than ever to reduce your fleet burden.


Lease vs. Purchase

Traditionally, most customers have purchased their cars and trucks, especially for personal use.  But leasing provides something attractive alternatives, and is rapidly increasing in popularity.  At the recent NADA conference a GMAC executive said “there will be atime when leasing growns to 75% of the market and we will be alive to see that day.”


20% to 30% savings compared to long-term vehicle rentals.


Immediate response to rapidly changing business vehicle requirements.  Fills needs until permanent new fleet vehicles are delivered.  We cover surges in contract or business demands.  6 month to 2 year terms available.

Short-Term Leases


Professional management of future business vehicle acquisitions and disposals.  Fuel and maintenance cards with full monthly reporting.


Immediate access to quality pre-leased / pre-owned vehicles.  Less than 3 years old and under 30,000 miles.


We Customize Your Business Needs

Get the best pricing now for your fleet management solutions at Auto Brokers Denver!